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Society for  Science Studies - GermanyGesellschaft für Wissenschaftsforschung e.V. Society for Science Studies - Germany


The SSS "Gesellschaft für Wissenschaftsforschung e.V. Berlin" is a society of scientists concerned with questions and discussions about scientometric, informetric, and bibliometric methods to analyze the change from little science to the big business of big science in the postindustrial society. The organisation of workshops (Tagung 1998, Tagung 2000, Tagung 2001) the production of publications, yearbooks, commemorative publications, and reports about special topics, as well as the gathering of digital available sources and the consultation in the field of research and development has the aim to make some constructive proposals for a better management in science and knowledge engineering und a clear terminology. Industrial institutions, libraries, and universities envolved in the production and organization of knowledge are the focus of interest of the SSS.

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