the WEM - Web Entry Miner

NEW: Macro- & Micro-Mining: Web server log file examples. Paper (German) & Poster (English). Knowledge eXtended conference Jülich (Germany), 2.-4. November 2005.

the WEM is a small Java application that analyzes Web Log Files in the combined log file format (e.g. Apache Webserver).
WEM displays the top 100 entry pages/entry points of a Website and their entries distinguished into the following entry types

WEM - Web Entry Miner

WEM has implemented the concept of WEF (Web Entry Factors). See masters thesis by Philipp Mayr
The only restriction: the log files have to be from an Apache Webserver and the referer field has to be recorded (combined log format).

To test WEM please download the executable file and analyse your log data locally. You can analyze your own data or anonymized sample files.

  1. Download the WEM [wem.exe, 253kb)
  2. Download Sample Log File 1 [sample1.log, 1.6 mb], Download Sample Log File 2 [sample2.log, 2.1 mb],
    Download Sample Log File 3 [sample3.log, 2.2 mb]
    Note: the sample logs are only for demonstration. If you like to test the samples please type as domain url.
    Larger samples are required for better unterstand of WEM.

To run WEM please

  1. Start the exe-file.
  2. Select File>>New Analysis over the menu
  3. Enter the domain of the website you want to analyze
  4. Select a log file (Note: only from an Apache Webserver). Note: WEM needs raw log files. Please unzip compressed archives before analysis!
  5. Click Start Analysis
  6. Wait a moment! A status bar displays mining status.
  7. Select pages/URL's on the top 100 pages list (left). On the right you will see the proportional rates of the three entry types.

WEM configuration


contact: Philipp Mayr, Home