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Haunted Love
Haunted Love - Librarians

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Spieldauer/Running Time: 5min 34sec

Interview with Haunted Love

When a lovely New Zealand Band sings about becoming librarian in an authoritative sexy manner, LIBREAS editorial staff has to seek answers. LIBREAS calls Haunted Love and talks about cardigans, Dewey Decimal Classification and leather bindings.


Transliteration of the Interview

Interview with Haunted Love
Najko Jahn (Interview), Sandra Lechelt & Kathrin Grzeschik (Transliteration)
Sprache/Language: English
Spieldauer/Running Time: 5 min 34 sec
Datei/File: mp3/2,55 mb
Bitrate: 64 kBit/s
Aufnahmedatum/Recorded: 20. April 2008
Veröffentlicht/Published: 06. Mai 2008
Über/About: "Librarian" (on YouTube)

LIBREAS: Today the LIBREAS-Podcasts proudly presents "Haunted Love" from New Zealand whose music clip "Librarian" becomes more and more a hit in the LIS-community. It's a pleasure having you in our podcast. How is it going, girls?

Haunted Love: Oh very, very well. Thank you for having us here!

LIBREAS: First of all, would you mind to introduce yourself and especially your song and video clip "Librarian"?

Haunted Love: Sure, this is Geva [Downey] speaking and Rainy [McMaster] as well. We are a pop music group with a spookier edge. Our music video called "Librarian" was filmed in our hometown [Dunedin, Anmerkung der Redaktion] in the lower basement of the public library. It's a tale of two spooky other-worldly librarians dealing out justice to a disobedient library user.

LIBREAS: And what happens to this library user?

Haunted Love: You have to see the video clip I'm not gonna give it away.

LIBREAS: What strikes me with your song is that it is in the librarian perspective. There are plenty of songs which deal with libraries, like Manic Street Preachers' "A design for life" or Green Day's "At the library". But you are describing the librarians' working routine. Why do you want to be a librarian?

Haunted Love: Three words: Cardigans, spectacles and respect.

LIBREAS: Great! What are the typical clichés of librarians and which in your opinion are true?

Haunted Love: Say it like this: They always wear glasses, they're dressed like they're stuck in the 1950's. They are shy, they have magical powers. They can read really good. They need water to live, they have names. They can probably kill a man at 50 cases with their stare. They're always women and of all these clichés the truth is ... one might not be true.

LIBREAS: On a hearing in the German Parliament, the current IFLA-President Claudia Lux claimed that libraries are sexy. To which extent are librarians sexy?

Haunted Love: Librarians are amongst the sexiest people in the world and fact: it has been scientifically proven by actual scientists that the average librarian has 64% chance of being sexier than you or I and - this is probably because of the beige they wear and the tweed colour.

LIBREAS: So this typical librarian style is a kind of answer or a kind of response to Britney Spears.

Haunted Love: Oh yes. And because librarians are shy... I guess, shy people avoid to being known to be massacres and you know, mass homicides. So, they're not gonna commit crime, then maybe they're gonna shag a lot.

LIBREAS: Style is recognized as a medium of communication that expresses a range of social information. How does a sexy authoritative style serve the librarians' work routine?

Haunted Love: Well, books are like people and they must be kept in their proper place. And it is necessary to bind them with leather sometimes.

LIBREAS: Codes need to be understand in order to be considered as a message. Do you think library users would recognize a more nerdy style as a sign of professional qualities?

Haunted Love: *laughs* Well if nerdy is sexy than nerdier must be sexier. And if you see someone in a library who looks like a librarian, then they probably are one. So you need to know to be on your best behaviour.

LIBREAS: Yeah great, that's true! So what are your plans for your future? You are now in a studio, preparing your very first album? Is that true?

Haunted Love: Oh yes, that is very true! In fact if you listen very carefully, here is a whole lot of music being made in the background.

LIBREAS: Ah, okay! So your plans for the future are not becoming a librarian but an international popstar or both?

Haunted Love: Well I guess we prefer to be international popstars but we`d also love to have incredible cataloguing abilities.

LIBREAS: So maybe a new music cataloguing system or a new music cataloguing rules you are preparing in your new album?

Haunted Love: Yeah, Dewey Decimal System.

LIBREAS: So thank you very much for the interview! It was a pleasure having you here in our podcast and we wish you the best for your future and we hope to see you once in Berlin or in Germany on your very first international tour.

Haunted Love: Oh, we would absolutely love that and it was our pleasure!

LIBREAS: Great, thank you very much! Bye!

Haunted Love: Well thank you! Bye now!



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