Format Specifications for the
WIS Proceedings


General information for authors of proceedings papers here: PDF (one page)

If you want your full paper to be included into the conference proceedings, please follow the guideline below and send it before August, 31st only to Frank Havemann:
frank (dot) havemann (at) ibi (dot) hu-berlin (dot) de

If you have already sent a paper to us you can revise it till August, 31st.

Note that the WIS Proceedings will be published as an Open Access e-book. You can also send a paper about an accepted poster for publishing in the WIS Proceedings.
  1. Use one of the three templates below to prepare your full paper (not more than about 12 pages including all references, figures, and tables).
  2. In the templates you find further specifications for references, figures etc.
  3. If the columns of the template are to small for big tables or figures insert a one-column section.
  4. Make a PDF file of your paper.
  5. The PDF file for the WIS Proceedings must be named in the following manner:
    [first author's family name]WIS2008[initials of the first three words with more than two characters in the title] (e.g. HavemannWIS2008pfr-abstract.pdf, see below).
  6. If you have any problems with making a PDF file of your paper contact
    Frank Havemann: frank (dot) havemann (at) ibi (dot) hu-berlin (dot) de
    telephone +49 (0)30 2093-4228
The PDF files of your paper prepared following this guideline will be included into the WIS Proccedings without any change or correction except for those made by you. So, please, be carefull in preparing them.

Proceedings Templates:

  1. RTF: HavemannWIS2008pfr.rtf
    PDF from RTF: HavemannWIS2008pfr.pdf
  2. Open Office: HavemannWIS2008pfo.odt
    PDF from Open Office: HavemannWIS2008pfo.pdf
  3. LaTeX: HavemannWIS2008pfl.tex
    PDF from LaTeX: HavemannWIS2008pfl.pdf