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Summerproject 2005:

"With a little help from my friends ..." – Freundeskreise und Fördervereine für Bibliotheken

Ein Buchprojekt in Zusammenarbeit mit:

Bibliotheken fördern - Freundeskreise und Fördervereine (Supporting libraries – support organisations and 'friends of libraries') (pdf) a conference held at the Centre for Further Education at the Freie Universität Berlin.

in the press:

Matti Stöhr: "With a little help from my friends" : Fachtagung zu Freundeskreisen und Fördervereinen von Bibliotheken", in: BuB 57 (2005) 9, S. 609-611

Stephan Jockel: Freundeskreise und Fördervereine [Bericht über eine Tagung], in: Zeitschrift für Bibliothekswesen und Bibliographie 52 (2005) 5, S. 274-277

Die Beatles sangen „With a little help from my friends“ – passend für Freundeskreise und Fördervereine für Bibliotheken
Ein Bericht zum BBK vom 08.11. 2005
zusammengestellt von Manuela Schulz und Bastian Zeinert im ib.webangebot: Fulltext
Presentation Slides (pdf)


BOBCATSSS Symposium 2006, Tallinn, Estland
Paper "Turning an idea into a book"

08.11. im Berliner Bibliothekswissenschaftlichen Kolloquium
Slides (pdf)

The Book

With a little help from my friends : Freundeskreise und Fördervereine für Bibliotheken / hrsg. von Petra Hauke und Rolf Busch. Mit Unterstützung des Deutschen Bibliotheksverbandes e. V. - Bad Honnef : Bock + Herchen, 2005. - 336 S. : Ill. - (Bibliothek und Gesellschaft) - (Beiträge zur bibliothekarischen Weiterbildung ; 19) - ISBN 3-88347-244-1 - 38.50 €

-> You can read/download the entire book here.

The Project

Voluntary work of the civil society has become an essential factor in the existence and quality of public as well as research libraries in the recent years. This can be seen in the growing number of support organisations and 'friends' of libraries.

In 1975, the German Library Association (DBV) counted 45 active groups of such organisations in Germany – today, the German 'Library Calendar' (Bibliothekskalender) and the 'Yearbook of Public Libraries in Germany' (Jahrbuch der öffentlichen Bibliotheken) report the existence of more than 300. The presence of about 100 participants at the conference also showed the widespread interest in the topic.

Slides on the project (pdf)

On the basis of lectures given at the conference and further texts by well-known authors, an anthology on the topic will be created during the summer term 2005.

It aims at providing new insights in the work of voluntary organisations in the civil society who devote themselves to libraries. The book wants to reach members of such organisations (and those to be!) as well as librarians and the interested public.

Contributions to the book come from members of research libraries (Berlin, Munich, Wolfenbüttel) as well as public libraries (e.g. Bremen, Halle, Solingen). Examples from foreign countries (Vienna,  FOLUSA – Friends of Libraries USA, The Library Campaign, UK) as well as more general reports on voluntary (library-) work in the civil society complete the anthology. The project is supported by the DBV.

Topics to be dealt with:

  • What exactly do support organisations and 'friends' do?
  • How are they organised?
  • What are their goals?
  • What were the reasons they were founded?
  • What legal problems can arise when supporting an organisation?
  • What strategies, possibilities and platforms are required in order to guarantee an effective exchange of information?